Voter's Guide, 2019 Fall Elections, St.Tammany
Position State Representative, 89th Representative District
NameVince Liuzza

Campaign Information

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Bio Information

Party AffiliationRepublican
ProfessionReal Estate Broker
Present Employer / positionLiuzza RealtyGroup, Owner/Broker
Length of residence in Jurisdiction20+ years
List of educational institutions and degreesSouthern Methodist University
University of New Orleans
Prior elected and appointed positions
Civic involvement and affiliationsSt. Timothy's United Methodist Church
Kickin Parkinsons
New Heights Therapy Center
Junior League of Greater Covington
Unleashed Rescue Me Gala

Questions specific to the position

1. What specific measures would you support to ensure that the Legislature's redrawing of legislative and congressional districts in 2021 is accomplished in an open, unbiased manner? I support transparency in this and all legislative work.
2. What do you consider an adequate living wage? How will you work to ensure a living wage for all Louisiana workers? I will work for comprehensive tax, insurance, and legal reform to improve the business climate in the state so that all wages rise as a result of a growing economy. I will also work for substantive education reform and workforce development.
3. What do you think are the most critical infrastructure matters facing the state and your area? What is your strategic plan to prioritize and fund the necessary investments? The best thing I can do as a legislator it to build coalitions with fellow legislators, the governor, and DOTD to squeeze every last available dollar of funding from state and federal sources, so that the local elected officials in District 89 will have the funding that is necessary to properly plan and fund our short and long-term infrastructure needs.
4. What strategies should the state pursue to address the effects of climate change on flooding, storms, agriculture and health? Would you be willing to sponsor or co-sponsor legislation to implement those? We do not need specific legislation to address 'climate change.' On a state and national level, we should continue to be good stewards of the environment because a healthy ecology is vital to our economic success in transportation, the fishing industry, and shipping.
5. Will you sponsor or vote for legislation on the following issues? (Yes / No / Decline) No  a. Equal pay for equal work?
No  b. Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment?
Yes c. Continued expansion and funding for early childhood education as a priority?
Yes d. Prioritizing future teacher pay raises in the state's budget?
No  e. Outlawing the death penalty?
Yes f. Establishing restrictions on prison solitary confinement to protect human rights?
No  g. Increasing the gas tax?
--- h. Establishment of an independent commission to reapportion legislative and congressional districts?
No  i. Meaningful gun control measures such as stronger background checks for gun purchases and limits or bans on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines?