Voter's Guide, 2019 Fall Elections, St.Tammany

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Questions specific to the position

1. Do you support the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? If not, or if the ACA should be declared unconstitutional, what would you propose to provide the healthcare access and protections that the ACA currently provides to Louisiana citizens?
2. What do you consider an adequate living wage? Will you take the lead in establishing a living wage for Louisiana workers?
3. Will you take the lead in requiring the private sector to provide equal pay for equal work?
4. What is your plan to correct the deficit in funding for higher education?
5. What would be your specific strategies to fund increases in access to quality early child care and education (birth to kindergarten)?
6. What would you do to assure that the Department of Environmental Quality fulfills its constitutional mandate to protect the air and water in Louisiana?
1. What substantive roles and responsibilities should the office of the Lieutenant Governor carry?
2. What are your plans for tourism development statewide?
3. What will you do to sustain our investment in state parks and museums for the local citizens and tourists?
1. What is the most effective way to educate the public about common fraud schemes?
2. Would you initiate or join lawsuits without the Governor's cooperation?
3. What role should the Attorney General have in leading the prosecution of public corruption?
4. Should citizens have access to documents that corporations must file with the Otate regarding matters of public interest, such as health and environmental impacts?
1. Would you support the distribution through direct mail of an official state voters guide to all registered voters in Louisiana for every major election?
2. What measures would you recommend to the Legislature to reduce the large number of special elections?
3. What is your plan for replacing our aging voting machines?
4. Do you have a plan to reach out to high schools statewide to educate and register new voters?
5. Do you believe that it is important for voters to have nonpartisan information about candidates for office? What can the Oecretary of Otate's office do to cooperate with nonpartisan organizations that provide such information to voters?
1. Given that the Treasurer is responsible for cash management of about $5 billion in the General Fund and about $3 billion in state trust funds, what experience have you had in investment banking and/or debt management?
2. Are there any circumstances under which funds in Unclaimed Property Division could be used for other purposes?
3. As Chair of the Louisiana Otate Bond Commission, what would be your long-term plan for financing the state's capital improvement or maintenance needs?
4. Are further steps needed to ensure sound funding of the state retirement systems for Louisiana's public employees?
1. Beyond licensing, what monitoring role should the Department of Insurance assume with all health insurance companies?
2. Ohould the Department of Insurance seek the authority to scrutinize and publicize insurance company profits when considering rate increases?
3. What do you think are the factors contributing to Louisiana's high automobile insurance rates? What measures do you propose to bring those rates down?
4. Will you examine insurance plan policies, procedures and claims data related to access to mental health and substance use disorder treatment services, including opioid treatment services?
5. Will you expand consumer outreach by the Office of Health Insurance and the Medicare (OHIP) program to better educate the general public (beyond the insurance industry partners)? What resources will you dedicate from the Department of Insurance to this effort?
1. What can be done to offset the effects of tariffs on Louisiana farmers?
2. What would you propose to counter the effects of climate change on Louisiana agriculture and forests?
3. What can this office do to better control the runoff pollution that is negatively affecting the seafood industry?
4. What is the role of the department in guaranteeing food safety at the point of origin?
1. Discuss your prior court experience with emphasis on criminal and civil law as a practicing attorney and as a District Court judge.
2. Describe your appellate practice trial experience as an attorney.
1. What specific measures would you support to ensure that the Legislature's redrawing of legislative and congressional districts in 2021 is accomplished in an open, unbiased manner?
2. What do you consider an adequate living wage? How will you work to ensure a living wage for all Louisiana workers?
3. What do you think are the most critical infrastructure matters facing the state and your area? What is your strategic plan to prioritize and fund the necessary investments?
4. What strategies should the state pursue to address the effects of climate change on flooding, storms, agriculture and health? Would you be willing to sponsor or co-sponsor legislation to implement those?
5. Will you sponsor or vote for legislation on the following issues? (Yes / No / Decline) --- a. Equal pay for equal work?
--- b. Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment?
--- c. Continued expansion and funding for early childhood education as a priority?
--- d. Prioritizing future teacher pay raises in the state's budget?
--- e. Outlawing the death penalty?
--- f. Establishing restrictions on prison solitary confinement to protect human rights?
--- g. Increasing the gas tax?
--- h. Establishment of an independent commission to reapportion legislative and congressional districts?
--- i. Meaningful gun control measures such as stronger background checks for gun purchases and limits or bans on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines?
1. What do you believe is causing Louisiana's teacher shortage? What are your proposals for mitigating the high teacher attrition rate?
2. Should the voucher system be discontinued?
3. What programs would you propose to address the special needs of students living in poverty?
4. How would you improve monitoring of school districts, including their finances, academic performances, and special education programs?
5. How will you work with fellow board members and the Superintendent of Education to develop an equitable distribution of the new $3 million fund to address teacher recruitment, training and certification to hopefully raise stagnant test scores?
1. Describe your experience as an attorney with civil and criminal court trials, including numbers of jury and judge trials and your record for settlements and plea bargains.
2. What factors would you consider in granting and setting bail amounts and in granting (non-bail) sign out bonds for defendants? What do you believe is the primary consideration?
3. What are your beliefs regarding alternative sentences for non-violent offenders, juveniles, or people experiencing homelessness, mental illness, or drug addiction?
4. What are the biggest hurdles to achieving fairness for all defendants, regardless of their socioeconomic status, and how would you address those hurdles?
1. What experience do you bring to this office to be an effective Sheriff?
2. What would be your top three priorities as Sheriff?
3. What will you do to decrease the EBR Prisons inmate death rate?
4. How will you ensure that inmates access to medical and mental healthcare is adequate and timely?
5. Do you believe community policing can improve community safety? If so, what strategies would you implement for effective community policing?
6. What needs to be done to protect the lives and safety of both deputies and civilians in confrontations between them?
7. Will you continue or discontinue the 287(g) program, which allows deputies to fulfill duties otherwise assigned to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents? Why?
1. What experience do you bring to this office to be an effective Clerk of Court?
2. What would be your top three priorities as Clerk of Court?
3. How will you ensure the security of our elections?
4. How will you ensure transparency and accountability to the public for tax dollar expenditures by the Clerk of Courts Office? What criteria will you use to determine whether an expenditure is necessary and allowable?
1. What experience do you bring to this office to be an effective Assessor?
2. What would be your top three priorities as Assessor?
3. What steps will you take to ensure accurate and fair assessment of all properties?
4. Do you believe that the most recent sale price should be the primary factor in the assessment of commercial properties as it is for residential properties? Why or why not? And to what extent?
1. What experience do you bring to this office to be an effective Coroner who: conducts investigations into cause of death, examines rape victims, and decides whether a person needs protective custody due to mental illness?
2. What would be your top three priorities as Coroner?
3. What checks and balances will you abide by and/or implement to ensure that you act with complete transparency and fairness to people needing your services, regardless of income, race, mental or physical ability, gender, sexual identity, etc.?
1. What experience do you bring to this office to be an effective Constable?
2. What would be your top three priorities as Constable?
3. What checks and balances will you abide by and/or implement to ensure that you act with complete transparency and fairness to people needing your services, regardless of income, race, mental or physical ability, gender, sexual identity, etc.?
1. How many years have you had an active law practice in the field of juvenile law?
2. What do you believe are the primary circumstances that cause children and their families to wind up in juvenile court? Can a juvenile judge work to address these circumstances before the people end up in the juvenile court? If so, how?
3. What methods or tools, not currently in use in East Baton Rouge Parish, do you think would be helpful for diverting kids from the juvenile justice system or for better rehabilitating them once they are in the system?
4. African-American boys are present in the juvenile court in Baton Rouge at a rate far greater than their percentage of the population. Why do you believe these youth are more susceptible to involvement in the juvenile justice system, and what can a juvenile judge do to move the court to a fairer treatment for all of our youth?