Voter's Guide, 2020 Fall Elections, Louisiana
Position Public Service Commission, District 1
NameWilliam Boartfield, Jr.

Campaign Information

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Bio Information

Party AffiliationGreen
Present Employer / position
Length of residence in Jurisdiction21 Years
List of educational institutions and degreesBachelors in Political Science, Pre-Law Concentration - University of New Orleans (expected graduation by May 2023)
Prior elected and appointed positions
Civic involvement and affiliationsGreen Party of Louisiana Treasurer (2020-2022 term)

Green Party of Louisiana Co-Chairman (2016-2018)

Former candidate for Mayor of Gretna in 2017

Questions specific to the position

1. What goals do you want to accomplish as a Public Service Commissioner? I feel that there are quite a few things that need to be tackled by Louisiana’s Public Service Commission as a whole. In my first term I give my word that I will be a steadfast advocate for:
• PSC Campaign Finance Reform
o Ban candidates for Public Service Commissioner from accepting donations from companies regulated fully or in part by the Louisiana Public Service Commission
• Deregulating the Electric Market
o End the monopolistic nature of electricity production in Louisiana
o Allow competition on the production side, to be sold on the same grid
• Renewable Energy
o Reinstate net metering rates back to retail rates as they were prior to September 2019’s PSC rate cuts
o Fund grants and low-interest loans for installment of solar panels on primary residential homes
• Broadband Internet
o Ensure funding for broadband internet expansion in Louisiana is sufficient for the necessary projects and doesn’t pose a new burden on taxpayers
o Offer local municipalities the opportunity to operate their own publicly owned broadband co-operatives
 This will help create addition funds for local municipalities in Louisiana while offering low rate internet to stakeholders (citizens of that municipality)
2. Now that working from home and virtual classrooms have become normalized, in what ways would you expedite efficient, high speed access to the internet for all Louisiana residents, regardless of geographic location or neighborhood demographics? In the last six months, I've witnessed how vital it is that broadband internet is accessible to every family. Building on our current FCC funding, I will ensure these systems are constructed with local municipal broadband cooperatives in mind. By competing in a free market, these local networks will allow local governments to create additional revenue for their local budgets potentially.

Not having proper access to broadband internet can be potentially detrimental to a young student's opportunities, slamming the door on modern education that many other kids benefit. More and more jobs are being worked from home requiring a stable internet connection at all times; I will advocate that it is a reality for every Louisianian.

In the same breath, net neutrality is equally essential to ensure high-speed internet is accessible to all. Internet providers should never be able to throttle internet speeds, no matter who they are.
3. What priority will you give renewable energy resources, such as energy efficiency programs and solar and wind installations, in the mix of energy supply for customers? Do you plan to promote any? Discuss with regard to residential and large commercial installations. Louisiana urgently needs to diversify its energy production as we transition into the second quarter of the 21st century. We can do this in a couple of ways:

• Residential Home Solar Panels & Net Metering
o Reverse the net metering rate cuts by the PSC in September 2019
o Fund grants and low-interest loans for residential solar installations
o Advocating for low-interest loans and tax breaks for small businesses that transition to solar panels
• Deregulating the Electric Market
o Allow clean electricity to be produced and sold to consumer on the grid
o These new companies will create decent paying, long lasting jobs to local workers
o Help reduce Louisiana’s electric grid’s carbon footprint
4. Should the Public Service Commission have a major role to play in requiring companies to ensure storm-hardened transmission lines? We need to make sure that our transmission lines can stand up to the force of a significant storm anywhere in Louisiana. The Public Service Commission needs to be involved in every aspect of infrastructure, including updating transmission lines to withstand significant storms better.