Voter's Guide, 2020 Fall Elections, Louisiana
Position Associate Justice, Supreme Court, 4th District
NameShannon Gremillion

Campaign Information

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FacebookShannon Gremillion for Louisiana Supreme Court

Bio Information

Party Affiliationrep
Present Employer / positionJudge, 3rd circuit court of appeal
Length of residence in Jurisdiction16 years
List of educational institutions and degreesLSU Law, JD degree, 1995
Prior elected and appointed positionsElected to 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal in 2008
Civic involvement and affiliationsRotary Club
Exchange Club
Hope House
Calvary Baptist Church

Questions specific to the position

1. Discuss your prior court experience with emphasis on criminal and civil law as a practicing attorney and as a District Court Judge. for 13 years I had a robust practice of defending families, businesses, and professionals all over the state of Louisiana. There are 42 Judicial District Courts in our state, and I have practiced in 35 of them.
2. Describe your appellate practice trial experience as an attorney, or as an appeals court judge. for the past 12 years I have been an appeals court judge. That has allowed me to do largely what a supreme court justice does. That is, reviewing the work of other judges and writing legal opinions. In fact, I have written hundreds of them.
3. In a June 8th letter, Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Johnson acknowledged "the part we each play in maintaining a system that leaves many of our fellow citizens, especially our African American citizens, feeling that they cannot breathe." Do you agree that the Louisiana criminal justice system disproportionately impacts African Americans? If so, what will you do as a Supreme Court Justice to lessen that impact? The role of a Louisiana judge is to ensure that every litigant receives a fair trial and that his or her constitutional rights are protected. I have been doing this for more than a decade without regard for race or color.
4. It has come to public attention there is a lack of transparency when judges have been disciplined. What will you do to ensure transparency? I would open up the proceedings in all cases except where they have been shown to be frivolous or otherwise brought in bad faith.
5. What are your views as a judicial candidate about streamlining procedures and preventing lawsuit abuse, while also ensuring access to the courts, particularly for lower income and indigent parties? The recent law passed by the legislature to lower the jury threshold and enact other reforms was a good start. But whatever changes are made, they must continue to ensure access to our courts. Programs for indigent parties must continue to be funded.