Voter's Guide, 2020 Fall Elections, Louisiana
Position U.S. Senator
NameMelinda Mary Price

Campaign Information

Campaign Web Sitehttp://219 Coronado Dr
FacebookMelinda Price-Bedi

Bio Information

Party AffiliationAmerican Independent
Present Employer / positionMater Dolorosa/housekeeper
Length of residence in Jurisdiction15 years
List of educational institutions and degreesUniversity of Tulane - studied political science, no degree
Prior elected and appointed positions
Civic involvement and affiliations1. President Hahnville High School Boys Soccer Booster
2. Girls Coach St. Charles Parish Recreation Department
3. St. Charles Parish School Board Substitute Teacher
4. Holy Family Catholic Church Religion Teacher
5. Candidate for 2003 & 2019 St. Charles Parish Sheriff

Questions specific to the position

1. The United States is formally withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, effective Nov. 4, 2020. The formal withdrawal is reversible. Explain your reasons why you support or oppose the United States joining with other nations to reduce global emissions. Given the limited amount of time to adequately research, I am unable to provide an informed explanation to support my belief. Although I do believe there is information supplied via internet, I find today we are mainly finding the information offered to be inadequate. Additionally, there may be overlapping issues to consider. Therefore, at this juncture, I cannot offer reasons for my support of, nor reasons to oppose my views on withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement.
2. In recent years, voters have expressed concern that their votes don't matter due to election security concerns, the possibility of foreign influence, and the role of large money in elections. What measures would you propose to address these issues? As a disqualified Candidate for 2019 St. Charles Parish Sheriff Election, I strongly agree there should be Security Concerns. Personally while undergoing the effects of being striped of property and money through the legal system, I had the incomprehensible experience of being chased out of my community by a combination of Elected and Legal authorities. I believe it is fair to say, the role of large money and political influence can have a detrimental effect on the integrity of our Legal processes as well as our Elections. Although, I do not believe everyone should qualify for the sake of qualifying as a Candidate for any one position, the process should be done respectfully and by those committed to FULLY supporting the values of America. To propose a measure requires great consideration, as much of the decision pertains a persons' economics. To expand on this topic, I myself intentionally changed party affiliation just to fail my objective to qualify as a Candidate for US President due to financial hardship.
3. What can the Federal government do to raise the basic economic health and even the playing field so all U.S. citizens have equal opportunities? What measures would you support to address the following goals (please provide examples of specific legislation or programs)? a. A living wage for all workers:
b. Paid sick leave for all workers:
c. Ensuring pay equity for all workers:
d. Providing access to quality child care and early childhood education:
yes, with perhaps an incentive for a household with one parent preferring to stay home
e. Improving the quality of K-12 education for all children:
yes, as an educator, I would like to see a more traditional classroom - no timers and giving the teachers time to instill the foundations in learning
f. Providing affordable higher education:
g. Removing barriers to financing and housing:
h. Providing access to affordable healthcare for all:
I believe we should offer all families a Dignified government healthcare; I believe this can be accomplished by setting a flat tax according to earnings.
4. What can be done at the Federal level to improve public safety and confidence in law enforcement? Would you support measures to address the following (please answer yes or no and provide examples of specific legislation): a. Reallocate resources and funds from policing/law enforcement to address social ills that plague many disinvested communities:
Smaller Government
b. Reform qualified immunity:
I would like to make a more informed decision after visiting the issues, and looking at the possible downfalls.
c. Ban use of excess force (e.g., chokeholds, shoot to kill):
d. Establish a nationwide database of law enforcement officers found to have used excessive force:
e. Ban the providing of local police departments with military equipment:
5. Do you support a system for undocumented immigrants already in the country to earn legal status and to have a path to citizenship? If so, what steps do you consider necessary? I do support a streamlined path to citizenship for all law-abiding illegal immigrants. First and foremost, we would need to begin with our children, who are natural born citizens to an illegal immigrant parent(s). Working with and gathering information from the immigration department would be top priority. IF these people are here and desire to enjoy the Liberties and Freedoms of being an American, IF they are documented and working to obtain citizenship without being affiliated with any known terrorists group I can see the process being expedited rather quickly. At the same time, we must take great caution regarding terrorists. Our Laws need to be applied rather than overlooked, our governing bodies and their duties need to be taken seriously - sanctions against offenders should be taken seriously as well. I do believe with smaller government there is less room for err - We need to enforce our Laws and that includes stricter penalties against the people taking an Oath to defend 'We the people'.