Voter's Guide, 2020 Fall Elections, Louisiana
Position U.S. Senator
NameAntoine Pierce

Campaign Information

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Bio Information

Party AffiliationDemocrat
Present Employer / positionNonprofit / Coffee, Art, and Book Store
Length of residence in Jurisdiction39 years
List of educational institutions and degreesLouisiana State University - B.S. Child & Family Studies
Louisiana State Univeristy - Master of Public Administration/ Concentration: Public Policy
Prior elected and appointed positionsOffice of Community Development/RDA - Transition appointment (Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome)
Board for Justice Justice and Delinquency Prevention - Appointment (Gov. John Bel Edwards)
Civic involvement and affiliationsMetromorphosis
Urban Congress on African American Boys in Baton Rouge
Urban Leadership Development Initiative (Cohort 5)

Questions specific to the position

1. The United States is formally withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, effective Nov. 4, 2020. The formal withdrawal is reversible. Explain your reasons why you support or oppose the United States joining with other nations to reduce global emissions. I support joining other countries in the Paris Climate Agreement. The U.S. should be a global leader in addressing the real challenges of climate change. We have been one of the largest contributors to the issue of climate change. Therefore, we should take an equally aggressive and proactive approach to addressing the issue that is on scale with the damage we are creating Moving to renewable energy is a job creator. It is estimated that renewable energies can create up to 20 million jobs. These jobs can contribute to a robust economy. Climate change is a threat to national security. As carbon emission levels rise, they pollute the air and water and have a devastating impact on the severity and frequency of hurricanes and other violent weather systems. Americans have overwhelmingly demonstrated our desire to remain climate conscious by remaining in the climate agreement.
2. In recent years, voters have expressed concern that their votes don't matter due to election security concerns, the possibility of foreign influence, and the role of large money in elections. What measures would you propose to address these issues? Elections security is extremely important. There have been several bills that have been put forward in both the Senate an the house that could address many of the concerns surrounding safety, foreign intrusion, and monetary. As a matter of policy, I would support a bill that requires all federal candidates to report any offer of foreign support to the FEC and the FBI. I would also support legislation that provides federal monetary support for states and municipalities to improve their voting machines, provide paper ballots, enhanced vote by mail security, and voting technology that does not require internet connection.

I support a constitutional amendment that repeals the Supreme Court's Citizen's United decision. We must take measures to limit the influence of major corporations on our elections. The outcomes should be decided by a vote of the people, not by the limitless amounts of money that can be utilized to sway elections in favor of the most financed candidate instead of the most qualified.
3. What can the Federal government do to raise the basic economic health and even the playing field so all U.S. citizens have equal opportunities? What measures would you support to address the following goals (please provide examples of specific legislation or programs)? a. A living wage for all workers:
We must pass legislation to raise the federal minimum wage.
b. Paid sick leave for all workers:
We must pass legislation that demands paid sick leave and universal paid family leave for employees.
c. Ensuring pay equity for all workers:
We must pass comprehensive federal anti-discrimination legislation with pay transparency requirements.
d. Providing access to quality child care and early childhood education:
WE must pass legislation that provides for universal child care and universal Pre-K.
e. Improving the quality of K-12 education for all children:
A significant investment of federal dollars must be made into traditional public schools, training, and support for educators and administration.
f. Providing affordable higher education:
Public colleges should be tuition free, at minimum for two year colleges and vocational schools. I would support legislation that allows for the elimination of federal student debt.
g. Removing barriers to financing and housing:
We must pass legislation that provides funding and incentivizes affordable housing. We must also pass legislation
that penalizes the CEOs of banks and financial instiution that are found to practice red lining or other forms of discrimination.

h. Providing access to affordable healthcare for all:
We must pass universal healthcare legislation that ensures that every American has insurance covered regardless of their ability to pay. The legislation must cover preexisting conditions without caps and significantly decrease or eliminate prescription drug cost.
4. What can be done at the Federal level to improve public safety and confidence in law enforcement? Would you support measures to address the following (please answer yes or no and provide examples of specific legislation): a. Reallocate resources and funds from policing/law enforcement to address social ills that plague many disinvested communities:
Yes. There should be a major disinvestment in the militarization of police departments and reinvestment in programs and resources that the data demonstrates actually work to prevent crime.
b. Reform qualified immunity:
Yes. I support the repeal of qualified immunity.
c. Ban use of excess force (e.g., chokeholds, shoot to kill):
Yes. All chokeholds should be banned.
d. Establish a nationwide database of law enforcement officers found to have used excessive force:
Yes. I support legislation that promotes police transparency and accountability.
e. Ban the providing of local police departments with military equipment:
Yes. Police officers should be members of the community, not an militarized force.
5. Do you support a system for undocumented immigrants already in the country to earn legal status and to have a path to citizenship? If so, what steps do you consider necessary? Yes. DACA recipients should have a path to citizenship. As U.S. Senator, I would vote in favor of passage of the Dream and Promise Act. This act gives DACA recipients as an opportunity to apply for green cards and subsequently apply for citizenship.