Voter's Guide, 2020 Fall Elections, Louisiana
Position U.S. Senator
NameXan John

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Party AffiliationGold Party was registered Republican since 18 until registration for Senate this year.
Present Employer / positionXan John Holdings AMERICAS (2020), Inc.
Length of residence in JurisdictionWhole Life.
List of educational institutions and degreesL.S.U. - Political Science
I.C.C. - Sommelier
Free and Accepted Masons - 3rd Degree
Prior elected and appointed positions
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Questions specific to the position

1. The United States is formally withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, effective Nov. 4, 2020. The formal withdrawal is reversible. Explain your reasons why you support or oppose the United States joining with other nations to reduce global emissions. I support the United States formally withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement are because this agreement dignifies the concept of Global Warming. Global Warming is an issue that is mainly made up to provoke fear. I do not support anything that has to do with the existence of Global Warming. I aim to debunk Global Warming among other issues.
2. In recent years, voters have expressed concern that their votes don't matter due to election security concerns, the possibility of foreign influence, and the role of large money in elections. What measures would you propose to address these issues? One measure I would propose to address the possibility of foreign influence would be not to worry about Russia. This is a red herring. This was made up to deflect all of the dirt on Hillary and Biden in Ukraine.

Another measure I would propose to address the role of large money in elections is to look into who and what is contributing to finding out what their main objectives for funding that individual is. Once that is accurately decided one could further assess implementations that would be fitting.
3. What can the Federal government do to raise the basic economic health and even the playing field so all U.S. citizens have equal opportunities? What measures would you support to address the following goals (please provide examples of specific legislation or programs)? a. A living wage for all workers:

b. Paid sick leave for all workers:

c. Ensuring pay equity for all workers:

d. Providing access to quality child care and early childhood education:

e. Improving the quality of K-12 education for all children:

f. Providing affordable higher education:

g. Removing barriers to financing and housing:

h. Providing access to affordable healthcare for all:

4. What can be done at the Federal level to improve public safety and confidence in law enforcement? Would you support measures to address the following (please answer yes or no and provide examples of specific legislation): a. Reallocate resources and funds from policing/law enforcement to address social ills that plague many disinvested communities:

b. Reform qualified immunity:

c. Ban use of excess force (e.g., chokeholds, shoot to kill):

d. Establish a nationwide database of law enforcement officers found to have used excessive force:

e. Ban the providing of local police departments with military equipment:

5. Do you support a system for undocumented immigrants already in the country to earn legal status and to have a path to citizenship? If so, what steps do you consider necessary?