Voter's Guide, 2020 Fall Elections, Louisiana
Position U.S. Representative, District 5
NamePhillip Ray Snowden

Campaign Information

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Bio Information

Party AffiliationDemocratic
ProfessionElectrical Engineer
Present Employer / positionRetired
Length of residence in JurisdictionTen years
List of educational institutions and degreesLouisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA - BS Electricial Engineer;
Xavier University - Cincinnati, OH - MBA;
Prior elected and appointed positionsNone.
Civic involvement and affiliationsHopewell School Foundation - Dubach, LA;
Martin Luther King Foundation - Monroe, LA;
Tutor/Mentor Ouachita Parish Schools - Monroe, LA;
Tutor/Mentor Lincoln Parish School - Dubach, LA;
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP);

Questions specific to the position

1. Would you support more federal funding to expand voter access and enhance election security? Yes, democracy is based on citizens right to and exercising of their votes. The integrity of the process must be maintained.
2. In recent years, voters have expressed concern that their votes don't matter due to election security concerns, the possibility of foreign influence, and the role of large money in elections. What measures would you propose to address these issues? Each of these issues should be thoroughly investigated. The results, recommendations and fixes should be openly shared with all citizens.
3. What can the Federal government do to raise the basic economic health and even the playing field so all U.S. citizens have equal opportunities? What measures would you support to address the following goals (please provide examples of specific legislation or programs)? a. A living wage for all workers:
Tax credits could help small business
b. Paid sick leave for all workers:
Tax credits could help small business
c. Ensuring pay equity for all workers:
Tax credits could help small business
d. Providing access to quality child care and early childhood education:
Rely on the advice of experts
e. Improving the quality of K-12 education for all children:
Fund Chief academic officers for grade Pre-K thru 6 in all school districts
f. Providing affordable higher education:
Look at standard curricula for freshmen and sophomores statewide for community colleges, universities, etc. Increase grants and low interest loans.
g. Removing barriers to financing and housing:
Homeowner education classes, subsided mortgage rates, still evolving.
h. Providing access to affordable healthcare for all:
Improve Affordable Health Care Act, fix the shortcomings.
4. Improve Public Safety and confidence in law Enforcement
Improve Affordable Health Care Act, fix the shortcomings.
4. Improve Public Safety and confidence in law EnforcementImprove Affordable Health Care Act, fix the shortcomings.
4. Improve Public Safety and confidence in law Enforcement
Improve Affordable Health Care Act, fix the shortcomings.

4. What can be done at the Federal level to improve public safety and confidence in law enforcement? Would you support measures to address the following (please answer yes or no and provide examples of specific legislation): a. Reallocate resources and funds from policing/law enforcement to address social ills that plague many disinvested communities:
Estimated 25 percent of police calls involve mentally ill persons. Police are not trained to deal with mentally ill persons. Incorporated trained professional into police agencies. Also, police should interact with their communities as early and as much as possible. It should be a partnership.
b. Reform qualified immunity:
Shooting and killing should be a last result. Police departments should annually pass certified, mandated standards of operations to receive qualified immunity.
c. Ban use of excess force (e.g., chokeholds, shoot to kill):
Choke holds and shoot to kill practices are not acceptable in a large number of police departments. There are reasons why these practices were frowned upon by these police departments. Errol Garner and Tamir Rice are two good examples of why these practices are being consider no longer acceptable.
d. Establish a nationwide database of law enforcement officers found to have used excessive force:
We operate in a knowledge-based world. We need consistent, unbiased information on staff performances to know what is being done right and what we need to do better. We need to correct unacceptable behavior as early as possible. Failure to do so cost lives, careers, and taxpayers dollars from unnecessary law-suits.
e. Ban the providing of local police departments with military equipment:
Military equipment should be limited to defensive, non-lethal equipment.
5. Do you support a system for undocumented immigrants already in the country to earn legal status and to have a path to citizenship? If so, what steps do you consider necessary? Persons currently in DACA should be fast tracked to citizenship. They are as American as the kids they played with, attended school with and socialized with since they have been in this country. Like the rest of us, this is the only country they know.