Voter's Guide, 2020 Fall Elections, New Orleans
NameStephanie Bridges

Campaign Information

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Bio Information

Party AffiliationDemocrat
Present Employer / positionThe Bridges LAW Group, LLC - Owner/Attorney
Length of residence in Jurisdiction35 years
List of educational institutions and degreesLoyola University Law School - Juris Doctor - August 2006
George Washington University Law School - Visiting Student - Fall 2005
Eotovos Lorand University School of Law, Budapest Hungary - Visiting Student -June 2005
The University of Vienna Law School - Austria - Visiting Student - July 2005
George Washington University - Washington, DC Graduate Studies in Communications - 1989-1991
University of New Orleans - New Orleans, LA - Bachelor of Arts in Communication - May 1984
Prior elected and appointed positionsNone
Civic involvement and affiliationsBoard Member
Algiers Charter School
Common Ground Health Clinic
Welfare Rights Organization
LA Violence Prevention Task Force

Female Non-Profit Executive

Questions specific to the position

1. Voters are interested in your qualifications for this position. Please describe, including the following: number of years as a practicing attorney; type of law practice; number of criminal court trials you have handled and of those how many were jury trials and how many were judge trials? What is your record for settlements in criminal cases? I have practiced law for thirteen years. I was an Assistant City Attorney in New Orleans for four years and currently I have a private practice. I have practiced law in both criminal and civil district courts in multiple parishes at both the trial and appellant level. Most of my trials have been judge trials. I have never settled a criminal case.
2. How will you ensure safety and efficiency in your courtroom, in general and specifically due to the pandemic? Because everyone has a right to a speedy trial, scheduling the docket in advance will assure the prosecution and defense attorneys are prepared to proceed in a timely manner. Enforcing the guidelines mandated by the CDC, State and City will address the ongoing pandemic issues. Utilization of Zoom Conferences. Always making sure witness protection measures are put in place are critical to navigating the criminal court system. Making certain the jury follows proper protocol.
3. What are your thoughts about the current bail system? Are you open to releasing more defendants on their own recognizance? What changes do you think are most needed? At times the bail system unfairly places obstacles on the poor and disenfranchised populations. Respecting human and constitutional rights by not using the system as a money grab opportunity for some nor a means of punishment for the defendant, bail should be set in proportion to the charge. Depending on the crime a defendant is charged with affects being released on their own recognizance. Improving funding for the indigent defense program assures constitutional rights are administered fairly. Adhering to an efficient docket and sticking to it. A change to enhance the efficiency of the criminal court docket may be to have Saturday Court once a month.
4. What domestic violence training have you had and what impact has it made on how you handle this type of case? While I have no formal training, I have a proven track record of caring and protecting the most vulnerable. My non-profit work has given me the opportunity to work with many victims of domestic violence. Legal resources, mental health counseling for the family, and protecting the victim from further trauma and harm are key to supporting the victims of domestic violence. Using the power of the court and putting a restraining order in place is a necessary protective measure to keep the victim safe and the defendant away from the victim.
5. What are your thoughts about ensuring weapons confiscation for defendants in domestic abuse cases? Everyone has second Amendment Rights and all defendants are innocent until proven guilty. However, if the circumstances make it evident that the defendant has shown a propensity for violent behavior, I would seek confiscating the weapon as a precautionary act. It is essential the victim and witness are protected and at all times and are confident the court has their best interest.
6. Have you ever been censored or disciplined? If yes, please explain. No