Voter's Guide, 2020 Fall Elections, Louisiana
Position U.S. Representative, District 2
NameCedric L Richmond

Campaign Information

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Bio Information

Party AffiliationDemocrat
Present Employer / positionUnited States Congress
Length of residence in JurisdictionI am a lifelong New Orleanian, and have lived in the district nearly my entire life.
List of educational institutions and degreesHarvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government, Executive Education Program
Tulane Law School, Juris Doctor
Morehouse College, B.A.
Prior elected and appointed positionsLouisiana House of Representatives
Civic involvement and affiliations

Questions specific to the position

1. Would you support more federal funding to expand voter access and enhance election security? Yes
2. In recent years, voters have expressed concern that their votes don't matter due to election security concerns, the possibility of foreign influence, and the role of large money in elections. What measures would you propose to address these issues? I would pass the Stopping Harmful Interference In Elections For A Lasting Democracy (SHIELD) Act, and the Securing America’s Federal Elections (SAFE) Act, which work to prevent foreign interference in our elections, including requiring campaigns to notify the FBI if a foreign power seeks to provide campaign assistance and to provide direct funding to upgrade and better maintain the state and local election infrastructure that we rely on. Our state and local systems need resources, the federal government should be providing the funding and all the expertise they have to support our local officials who actually conduct the elections.
3. What can the Federal government do to raise the basic economic health and even the playing field so all U.S. citizens have equal opportunities? What measures would you support to address the following goals (please provide examples of specific legislation or programs)? a. A living wage for all workers:
The Raise the Wage Act which would increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and eliminate the lower, tipped minimum wage. This would give millions of Americans a raise and I am proud to be an original cosponsor of this bill and have voted for it.
b. Paid sick leave for all workers:
The FAMILY Act, which would create a nationwide paid family and sick leave program. We need to have a program that gives people the time they need to care for themselves and their families. We should also focus on making sure that any paid sick leave proposal includes 100% wage replacement so that those people who need every dollar of their paycheck can actually afford to take time off.
c. Ensuring pay equity for all workers:
I was proud to support the Paycheck Fairness Act and work for its passage. We need to get it signed into law. This bill would close a wide range of loopholes and increase protections to guarantee paycheck equity.

d. Providing access to quality child care and early childhood education:
There is nothing more important than the early years of a child's life. We have a lack of good child care across the country and that has been made worse by this pandemic. I support paid family and medical leave to help with some of this. We need a program flexible enough to let families of all kinds care for themselves however works best for them. We also need to fund high-quality childcare that is affordable so that families don't have to worry about missing a paycheck or sending their child somewhere safe during the day.
e. Improving the quality of K-12 education for all children:
I strongly support increased federal funding for K-12 education through every federal program we have available. We need all of our public schools to have the resources they need to teach and care for our children. This includes more funding for teacher and administrative training as well as counselors and health care professionals in each school. I also think that we should include schools in any infrastructure package that gets passed because far too many of our children are forced to learn in physical buildings that are unacceptable. The same can be said for the technology at their disposal. If we are going to fix our roads and bridges, we need to make sure kids have access to the internet and a safe building to learn in.
f. Providing affordable higher education:
I support important proposals like President Obama's America's College Promise Act, which would provide tuition-free education at community colleges as well as HBCUs through the federal government directly supporting the schools so that they can keep costs for students low. I also support proposals like the College Affordability Act which would increase Pell Grants to help people afford school and incur less student loan debt.
g. Removing barriers to financing and housing:
I have one of the most comprehensive housing bills in the Congress and I intend to keep fighting for it. My bill would lead to the construction of new, truly affordable housing. It would also increase funding for and access to existing programs that help people get in and stay in their own homes. Finally, it would directly address the people and communities that were harmed by past government policies like redlining, by making it easier for people to own their own homes where they live.
h. Providing access to affordable healthcare for all:
I have been a strong supporter of protecting the Affordable Care Act from sabotage by this administration. We need to protect people with pre-existing conditions now and fight to make drugs more affordable for people who need them. That's why I have been proud to support bills like H.R. 2, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, which would allow the government to negotiate with drug companies on prices, and H.R. 987, a comprehensive bill to protect people with pre-existing conditions and fight back against ACA sabotage.
4. What can be done at the Federal level to improve public safety and confidence in law enforcement? Would you support measures to address the following (please answer yes or no and provide examples of specific legislation): a. Reallocate resources and funds from policing/law enforcement to address social ills that plague many disinvested communities:
b. Reform qualified immunity:
c. Ban use of excess force (e.g., chokeholds, shoot to kill):
d. Establish a nationwide database of law enforcement officers found to have used excessive force:
e. Ban the providing of local police departments with military equipment:
5. Do you support a system for undocumented immigrants already in the country to earn legal status and to have a path to citizenship? If so, what steps do you consider necessary? Yes I do. We need to pass the American Dream and Promise Act which would rescind the harmful policies of the current administration and provide a pathway to lawful permanent residence, and eventual citizenship, to those who have lived most of their lives in this country—including Dreamers.