Voter's Guide, 2021 Fall Elections, New Orleans
Position State Representative 102nd Representative District
NameJordan Michael Bridges

Campaign Information

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Party AffiliationDemocratic Party
ProfessionProgram Director
Present Employer / positionNOCCJ
Length of residence in Jurisdiction33 years
List of educational institutions and degreesLouisiana State University
Prior elected and appointed positionsN/A
Civic involvement and affiliationsNOCCJ

Louisiana Youth Justice Coalition

Questions specific to the position

1. How should the state address funding for the Sewerage and Water Board? S&WB's prime sources of funding are water and sewerage rates and drainage millages.

The current sewerage millage makes up a significant part of the the Sewerage Department's budget, which is used to fund company operations.

Concerning S&WB, I will prioritize the drafting of legislation that restores community trust in government and our processes. We need to begin addressing the present funding issues with Sewerage and Water Board through educating and informing the public about proper millages for their area, and engage with the public on the tax benefits associated with amended current millages; and then use those fund
2. Do you support creating an Office of Women’s Health? Yes.

Intergenerational harmony is rooted in inclusionism and empowerment. Simply put, we have to recognize the intrinsic value of every member of our community - regardless of age, race, gender, socio-economic status, or exceptionalities.

There are many opportunities for us the create multiple sub-committees at the State legislature that will allow Louisiana to progress as other States have done.
In my view, the primary goal and function of an Office of Women's Health should be to bring innovative solutions and research to the forefront, to solve issues directly related to Women's Health and wellness.
3. Do you support raising the minimum wage? If so, what rate do you propose? Yes.

It’s simple: we need less jobs that don’t pay a living wage, and more opportunities for people to find purposeful work that leads to economic freedom. I will work with community stakeholders to build a new workforce coalition, with a purpose of designing policy objectives around equal pay, talent retention, advancing women in the workplace, attracting new business to Algiers, and entrepreneurial training & development incentives.

I propose raising the minimum wage to $15 dollars per hour.
4. What do you think are the most important issues facing the constituents of the 102nd District? Data shows that the biggest issues that constituents within District 102 face are redistricting, affordable housing, issues of public safety, disparities in education, and a declining infrastructure.

Firstly, it’s time for us to take a hard look at Public Safety - through the lens of Public Health. We need a restorative mindset to address crime in District 102, while bridging resource gaps that are obstructing progress. I will develop & support legislation that honors our service men & women, restores transparency between government, policing, and the community - and increase access to mental/behavioral wellness and family support for the community at large.

Secondly, equal, affordable housing is a basic human right. I will immediately work to extend rental assistance payments for landlords, so that tenants can continue to be housed even if they have lost their jobs due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic. I will also prioritize policies that provide incentives to local stakeholders & organizations doing the good work to ensure that vulnerable citizens within our community are housed and cared for. Additionally, I will hold State & local agencies accountable for our tax dollars that have been allocated to addressing blight, trash, sanitation, street conditions, and public transit - including the ferries.

Thirdly, the young people of District 102 are our future. They reside in one of the most unique cities in the world; and therefore we should seek to create environments where students feel safe & empowered to become the greatest versions of themselves. As State Representative, I will push to introduce more culturally relevant pedagogy into the classroom, where teachers encourage each student to relate their course content within the uniqueness of New Orleans’ rich history & culture. I will also advocate to advance STEM, incentivize workforce readiness collaborations with the business & utilities sectors, fight for teachers to earn a living wage, along with stipends to reimburse educators who go above and beyond financially to the benefit of our young people - and reversing the damages of charter school privatization.

And lastly, our collective goal should be that communities within the Great State of Louisiana work together towards social equity in both infrastructure & technology. This includes providing equal access to broadband in communities like Algiers, investments in innovation & entrepreneurship, and incentives for local businesses and corporations to collaborate with the community in developing a local workforce pipeline. As your State Representative, I will develop & support policy that puts District 102 at the forefront of this conversation.
5. Would you raise the gasoline tax to fund road projects and maintenance? Yes!

However, all proposed tax increases should be meet with an exceeding amount of transparency and community buy-in.