Voter's Guide, 2021 Fall Elections, New Orleans
Position Councilmembers District D
NameDulaine Troy Vining

Campaign Information

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Bio Information

Party AffiliationDemocrat
ProfessionMasters of Social Work student
Present Employer / position
Length of residence in Jurisdiction7.5
List of educational institutions and degreesSouthern University at New Orleans
Biology/ Chemistry degree
Certifications in Clinical & Behavioral research with C.I.T.I
Prior elected and appointed positionsnone
Civic involvement and affiliationsStudied a biomarker for Sepsis with Emory university School of Medicine at Grady memorial hospital in Atlanta, Ga.
Studied environmental renewable energy and agriculture preservation with the United States Department of Energy at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York.

Questions specific to the position

1. Do you feel like the wages for municipal employees, such as the NOFD and EMS are adequate, and if not, how do you propose raising them? No it is not, recently firefighter were in city chamber fighting for better pay. I will sit with my constituents to understand what is considered fair, ultimately the tax payers will have to pay for any increases.
2. Will you support an ordinance to establish an independent external evaluation of the Ethics Review Board as called for in the Charter? Please explain your answer. Yes, district D has a many candidates from non-profit owners-to business owners-to people who are clearly cozy with city hall and officials. How can they effectively and morally sit on a council that will legislate, and appropriate funds directly to their special interest and entities. Just as you have to reside at your domicile for 2 years people with special interest and 'one goal /one mission mindset need to reside from their current positions because they will eventually serve their interest first and the rest of the population's demographics later.
3. In your role as the regulatory body for Entergy, what factors would you consider to increase rates? We cannot increase rates until we no longer have a monopoly for utility services for a city this size.
4. Where is the best site for a new City Hall and why? City Hall will be best severed near other governmental buildings the CBD was not working so move it near traffic court where there is ample land use options and connectivity for residents.