Voter's Guide, 2021 Fall Elections, New Orleans
Position Mayor
NameJohnese Lamar Smith

Campaign Information

Campaign Web Site
YouTubehttp://youtu.ber6Q9-GK5FTI or Johnese Lamar Smith Mayoral

Bio Information

Party AffiliationDemocrat
Present Employer / positionSelf-emplyed Paralegal
Length of residence in Jurisdictionnative
List of educational institutions and degreesTulane University College
AA & BA in Paralegal Studies
Prior elected and appointed positionsBid for Mayor of New Orleans 2017
Civic involvement and affiliationsFormer member of New Orleans Paralegal Association; worked in Mary Landrieu's Reelection for Senator; worked in Ken Carter's election for Mayor of New Orleans.

Questions specific to the position

1. How can the NOPD force be increased, while maintaining high standards? Higher standards for recruiting officer by implementing various training methods; empowering sponsorships, offer scholarships towards their education and offer homeownership programs.
2. Will you support an ordinance to establish an independent external evaluation of the Ethics Review Board as called for in the Charter? Please explain your answer. I need to review that ordinance.
3. What do you think are the three (3) most important issues facing the citizens of New Orleans. Affordable housing, newer, bolder markets need developing in our city and we need to enlist ambassadors from all our high schools where our young adults are engaging with international corporations. There needs to be an exchange of ideas between our students and the world of businesses so they can create a progressive future. Next, it's infrastructure.
4. What steps would you propose for improving the Sewerage and Water Board? Complete overhaul to better improve our S&WB system; we will need to add reservoir underground to retain the flood waters and use it in our parks and parkways. These retainers are going to be crucial to our future as the climate reshapes America's cities as we once knew them. More and more states are losing population and most people are heading south.
5. How do you propose to reduce crime, and especially violent crime, in the city? To reduce crime in our city is to show those who are committing violent crimes that this administration will give them an offer that cannot refuse!