Voter's Guide, 2021 Fall Elections, New Orleans
Position Sheriff
NameQuentin R Brown

Campaign Information

Campaign Web Site
FacebookQuentin Brown just look for the NO BS quentin brown for sheriff

Bio Information

Party Affiliationother
Professionowner Quentin Brown Lawncare
Present Employer / positionquentinbrown lawncare dba
Length of residence in Jurisdiction51 years
List of educational institutions and degreesHigh School Diploma class of 88 W.L.Cohen high school
Prior elected and appointed positionsa regular citizen that cares for change and a end to the BS in city Government
Civic involvement and affiliationsRan FOR Mayor 2002
Governor of Louisiana 2003
city council district B 2006
city council at Large 2010
New Orleans Sheriff 2014

Questions specific to the position

1. Do you support expanding the mental health facilities at the jail? well he did what he wanted to do without the voters vote i will not do that so we have to do and work with what we will get i didnt support the the 1st one so i would not had approve of this one
2. What would be the adequate staffing of mental health professionals at the jail? mental heath workers and my staff
3. What qualifications and training should be required of deputy sheriffs? the will to care about she or he person enter and will to do the job right
4. Are salaries adequate to attract and keep competent deputies? yes if i have to give some of mine if i cant get it But i will work my butt off to get the right funding for my deputies