Voter's Guide, 2021 Fall Elections, New Orleans
Position Mayor
NameMatthew M Hill

Campaign Information

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Bio Information

Party AffiliationIndependent
Present Employer / positionRoyal Investments. General Manager
Length of residence in Jurisdiction12 Years
List of educational institutions and degreesBA Political Science - George Mason University
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt LSSMBB- IASSC Certified
Change Management Specialist CMS- IASSC Certified
Prior elected and appointed positions
Civic involvement and affiliationsMusic and Cultural Arts Coalition of New Orleans MACCNO
The Barman's Fund

Questions specific to the position

1. How can the NOPD force be increased, while maintaining high standards? While I free up funds to hire more police and put them through 6-12 months of proper training we will utilize every law enforcement agency in Orleans Parish in tandem with NOPD. I will issue a call to arms, HANO, RTA Transit Police, Levee Police, the Constable, all of them, and yes, the Sheriff will be implored to help patrol the streets and keep the French Quarter secured. We need a Sheriff who sees the crisis for what it is and have their Deputies boots on the ground.
2. Will you support an ordinance to establish an independent external evaluation of the Ethics Review Board as called for in the Charter? Please explain your answer. Yes, an external review will be needed before we begin prosecution.
Day 1 Full Financial Audit by an external company (one not from Louisiana)
Day 1 Full Managerial Audit by an external company (one not from Louisiana)
The city will undergo a full overhaul and we will uncover a lot of corruption and skimming. If the Ethics Review Board has overlooked things, they will be held responsible.
3. What do you think are the three (3) most important issues facing the citizens of New Orleans. 1)Crime
However all three of these are symptoms of managerial dysfunction within City Hall and every department therein. The streets cannot be fixed (correctly and efficiently) without fixing the process, paperwork and procedures that govern public works. In a restaurant, your server cannot serve you food, if the kitchen is backed up or missing ingredients.
NOPD is hemorrhaging officers, why? Because of the bureaucratic mess within NOPD that wastes money, time, and morale. These things must be fixed before you can solve 1,2, and 3.
4. What steps would you propose for improving the Sewerage and Water Board? I will dissolve the S&WB and move the entire department under Public Works where it belongs.
1, It will create a managerial line directly to the Mayor's office so that there is direct responsibility and accountability for failures and oversight.
2, I will begin digging up the roads and resetting them (sinkholes need to be addressed). We will put down a bottom layer sewer system, the we will pave over it with POROUS surface so that ALL runoff rainwater drains into our streets system. We will be driving on the largest Irrigation system in the WORLD and we will stop our flooding.
We are smarter than the problems that face us.
5. How do you propose to reduce crime, and especially violent crime, in the city? I will supplement our numbers with a cross coordination between multiple law enforcement agencies while we boost our numbers. In the meantime, I want the Sheriff's Deputies to be paroling the street by vehicle and NOPD officers walking door to door introducing themselves to the neighborhood residents. Cultivating a community of trust and respect is the first step in gaining the Respect of the community.
We will introduce a Mobile Processing Unit that will go to crime scenes and pick up perps, provide all the paperwork, and take the perp to the Police Station for Processing. This is done so that officers do not have to leave the field to take the perp to the station, which is on average 2 Hours.
Consolidating Law Enforcement, Transit Police should be moved to NOPD as well as Levee Police.