Voter's Guide, 2021 Fall Elections, New Orleans
Position Councilmembers District D
NameKourtney S Youngblood

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Bio Information

Party AffiliationDemocrat
ProfessionCommunity Advocate/Educator
Present Employer / positionSelf-Employed
Length of residence in Jurisdiction7 years
List of educational institutions and degrees
Prior elected and appointed positionsNone.
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Questions specific to the position

1. Do you feel like the wages for municipal employees, such as the NOFD and EMS are adequate, and if not, how do you propose raising them? Municipal wages are not adequate. I am in favor of applying taxes to certain tax-exempt institutions, subsidizing the minimum wage with federal/state funds, and creating legislations/ordinances that will require businesses to pay workers a mandatory living wage. I support the Living Wage Ordinance introduced by the previous City Council and will uphold all ordinances that push for a living wage in New Orleans.
2. Will you support an ordinance to establish an independent external evaluation of the Ethics Review Board as called for in the Charter? Please explain your answer. I absolutely support independent external evaluations of the Ethics Review Board. I believe extensive methods of checks and balances are necessary to ensure ethical and lawful behavior from officials and government institutions.
3. In your role as the regulatory body for Entergy, what factors would you consider to increase rates? It is ideal that energy rates be lowered or made more affordable for lower-income households to better serve our diverse community. However, raising rates should only be done to pay their workers better wages, put more money into the city and pay for upgrades to electric and gas systems, and especially to meet renewable energy goals. However, I believe that these things can be achieved without raising the rates for our citizens.
4. Where is the best site for a new City Hall and why? I will support relocating City Hall to a location that is readily accessible to all, especially those who rely on public transportation. I would consider moving City Hall to New Orleans East, as many workers live in the East and many of the residents are in support of the relocation of City Hall there, as it would be easily accessible, create jobs, boost commerce, and provide public access to safety and security for the residents in the area. Ultimately, this is a community issue and the desires of the people should be listened to and carried out in a productive manner.