Voter's Guide, 2023 Fall Elections, New Orleans
Position State Representative 105 District
NameMack M. Cormier

Campaign Information

Campaign Web Sitehttp://Cormiercampaign - Facebook

Bio Information

Party AffiliationDemocrat
ProfessionFormer Teacher
Present Employer / positionState of La.
Length of residence in JurisdictionLife
List of educational institutions and degreesI attended Buras High, earned a baseball scholarship and was graduated from Spring Hill Jesuit College with a B.S. in Psychology, earned graduate credits in Special Education at UNO, attended the Universidade Federal in Paraiba Brazil for advanced language studies and served as a guest lecturer while there.
Prior elected and appointed positionsMember of the Plaquemines Parish Dem. Exec. Committee. Justice of the Peace for Pilot Town 2010
Civic involvement and affiliationsPlaquemines Historical Society, former little league coach, Inner city youth mentor and coach.

Questions specific to the position

1. What are the highest priority issues for the Legislature to address in the next session? Permanent teacher pay raises, equal pay for women, Insurance transparency and fairness, Bringing in businesses to boost the economy and provide much needed jobs, paid family medical leave, equal job opportunities for all communities in interviews, and a higher level of protection for our students at the universities.
2. What do you propose to do about the state's gender wage gap? Do you support an increase in the minimum wage for the state of Louisiana? Why/why not? If so, how? I keep on voting for equal pay. We do need to increase the minimum wage gap, but it must be incrementally done, so as not to shock/put small companies out of business. They need time to slowly raise prices so their customers will not just abandon them due to sticker shock. If one jumped it up immediately, most small businesses would just fire emaployees which would ultimately defeat the goal of improving pay for all workers.
3. What concrete steps do you propose to rein in homeowners insurance? For car insurance? I voted against the bill a few years ago for the car insurance companies, and sure enough, they lied and our prices went up. We must remember this in any future negotiations. As for the homeowners, I brought a bill to improve transparency by forcing them to provide a copy of the initial inspection of a home, but it stalled after a 4-4 vote. I will work to return it next year. Much more has to be done and will be done. I had another much more complicated bill, but it was decided to wait for next year to run it.
4. How should the state address the effects of climate change on sea level rise and flooding? Carefully since the state can't control many of the tools being employed at the Fed level. Again keeping in mind some of the tools could be detrimental to the small business owners we must protect. As for flooding, dredging and rock jetties are the best answer to provide protection, while not destroying historical minority and fishing communities, thousands of jobs, the oyster, shrimping, and crabing industries, and killing over a thousand dolphins a year which the proposed diversions will do.
5. Please respond to the following with a Yes, No, or Decline. Yes a. Do you support expanded funding for early childhood education?
Yes b. Do you support an increase in pay for teachers rather than a one-time bonus?
--- c. Would you vote to outlaw the death penalty in Louisiana?
--- d. Would you vote to increase the gas tax?e Do you support legislation to increase research and development for clean energy?
Yes f. Do you support exceptions to the abortion ban for the survivors of rape and incest?
--- g. Would you sponsor legislation establishing workplace policies like paid sick days and paid family and medical leave?