Lake Charles: A New Way forward for LWV of Lake Charles

The League of Women Voters of Louisiana (LWVLA) invites current and former members of the League of Women Voters of Lake Charles (LWVLC) and the general public to a focused meeting.


Participants will explore, discuss and exchange ideas to assist the LWVLC in its revitalization. As a vital community partner with its long history of education and information sharing in Calcasieu Parish, LWVLC continues to strive for excellence in the community.

According to a Market Watch January 13, 2014 press release, Calcasieu Parish leads the nation with over $19 billion in industrial development and more than 63 industrial projects in 2014. There are projections of more than $60 billion in new and expanded industrial projects in Calcasieu Parish. It is expected that thousands of new jobs will be created. The League has the opportunity to engage residents and encourage proper financial, ethical, and environmental oversight takes place during this time of heightened activity.

The League of Women Voters US will be celebrating our 100th Anniversary in 2020. The public trusts the League to provide unbiased voter education information and to convene knowledgeable experts to discuss important and relevant issues. LWVLC should be an integral part of the conversations.

We are looking for individuals who want to be a part of leading LWVLC to its next level as a trusted and respected grassroots organization for public discourse and transparency and we look forward to visiting with you. Please join us as we work together moving LWVLC forward!