Nonpartisan Political Organization Encouraging Civic Participation in Government

Environmental Committee

Wendy King – Chair

The LWVLA Environmental Committee monitors environmental legislation in the state legislature and environmental issue around the state. These issues may involve the full array of “Natural Resources” positions taken by the LWVUS, as well as positions of the LWVLA. These include, but are not limited to resource management, environmental protection and pollution control, use of public lands in the state, climate change, public participation in natural resource and environmental policy, and policies to do with
agriculture. The large category of environmental protection and pollution control includes issues such as air and water quality, energy and renewable energy, waste management, and nuclear issues. In recent decades, climate change, coastal preservation/restoration, and particularly the effects of these on different communities have emerged as key issues for Louisiana. This community-focused environmental perspective, along with consideration of environment as a “community of interest” marker in redistricting discussions, gave rise to the LWVLA’s 2023 state convention theme: “EnviroCivics: Climate, Communities, and Democracy.” The LWVLA continues to monitor the scientific, economic, and community implications of environmental issues and policies and how voters might be educated and motivated on environmental issues. In the 2023 Statewide Elections, the Environmental Committee is working with the Environmental Voter Project to do GOTV outreach with infrequent voters in Louisiana who identify climate change and the environment as their number one concern.