Nonpartisan Political Organization Encouraging Civic Participation in Government

Healthcare Committee

Patrice Sentino – Chair

The Healthcare Program Chair leads the state’s Healthcare Portfolio. Volunteers on the Healthcare Committee gain expertise in management, finance policy development, and advocacy as well as wider perspective on state and local governance and issues. The Healthcare Committee follows and advances the LWV’s Healthcare principles, positions, and policies at the legislature and in the news media through editorials and letters to the editor. The Healthcare Committee Chair is appointed by the Board as a commissioner to the Department of Insurance (DOI), Louisiana Health Care Commission (LHCC). Attending LHCC meetings is required to retain a seat on the commission. In that capacity, the LHCC chair complies with and meets timely provisions of the DOI and state appointment and rules of the Senate, Code of Governmental Ethics, Oaths of Office including Party Disclosure Questionnaire completion, Senate & Governmental Affairs Comm. Questionnaire completion and notary public and witness requirements for confirmation ensuring the League’s Commission representation. The Healthcare Committee Chair participates in activities and events with public partners, key stakeholders, and relevant organizations to inform and advance the League’s healthcare position(s). The Healthcare Committee tracks relevant activities in healthcare and related fields to inform board, members, partners, and public; provides technical assistance to Leagues’ locally, statewide as well as community-based organizations; and develops, maintains, and manages communications via social media and virtual platforms to educate, inform, and advocate healthcare positions.